LVIII Poultry Symposium


AECA-WPSA announces, within its LVIII Scientific Symposium on Poultry Farming, to be held in Avila from 4 to 6 October 2023, the VIII Photography Contest "POULTRY AND ITS ENVIRONMENT".

The aim of this competition is to disseminate the poultry activity and science.


1.- Participants:

All those people fond of photography and sympathetic to the poultry world.

2.- Categories:

Two categories will be established:

a. Artistic photography: motifs related to poultry farming and its environment from an artistic point of view.

b. Technical photography: all poultry photography with an eminently technical character in any field of the profession (pathology, management, nutrition, environment, etc.).

3.- Format:

The works shall be original, unprocessed, in colour or B/W. They can be sent via the following link Registration Photography Competition The Organising Committee will be responsible for printing and framing them for exhibition.

  • Size: 30cm x 40cm x 150dpi (resolution)
  • Maximum file size: 10Mb
  • Format: .tiff, .jpg, .png

4.- Submission of works:

Each entrant may submit up to a maximum of 3 photographs per category.

Each photograph must be identified as follows:

  • The photograph must first bear a letter A (artistic) or a letter T (technical) in capital letters, indicating the category to which it is submitted.
  • The letter (A or T) is followed by a dash in the middle.
  • After the hyphen, the title of the photograph must be written in lower case.

The form available at "Photography Competition Entry" must be filled in, including the photograph in the form requested. In order to access the form it is essential to register on the website (which does not imply registration for the Symposium).


  • A list of the photographs submitted will appear in the Comments section.
  • This information will be consulted once the winning photographs have been chosen.

5.- Submission:

Submission shall be made using the form created for this purpose: Photography Competition Entry Form.

If there are any difficulties in sending the photographs and the author's documentation by the previous method, they may be sent to the following e-mail address:

The entrant will receive a notification of the correct reception of the documentation sent.

6.- Deadline for submission:

The deadline for submission is 10 September 2023.

7.- Winning photographs:

They will become the property of AECA-WPSA, which may use them for the purposes it deems appropriate, the authors waiving any copyright on the work.

8.- Non-awarded photographs:

They may be collected at the congress venue at the end of the congress.

9.- Prizes:

The first prize in each of the categories will be chosen by the jury. This same Jury will make a preliminary selection of 10 photographs in each of the categories so that those attending the Symposium can vote for the 2nd and 3rd prizes in each category.

Under no circumstances may an author receive more than one prize. Should this circumstance arise, he/she will always be awarded the highest prize.

The amounts of the prizes will be subject to the tax regulations in force on income tax withholding.

9.1. Artistic photography:

  • First prize - 300,00€.
  • Second prize - 200,00€.
  • Third prize - 100,00€.

9.2.- Technical photography:

  • First prize - 300,00€.
  • Second prize - 200,00€.
  • Third prize - 100,00€.

10.- Jury:

The jury will be composed of:

  • Representative of the sponsoring company
  • President of AECA-WPSA
  • President of the Organising Committee
  • A member of the Executive Committee of AECA-WPSA
  • A member of the Organising Committee

The jury reserves the right to declare any of the prizes void.

11.- Exhibition:

The photographs will be exhibited at the congress venue and on the website of the association.

12.- Judging and result:

The decision will be final and will be announced during the Symposium. The result will be published on the AECA website, and the winners will be notified.

The selection committee reserves the right to reject those photographs which, due to their content or quality, do not comply with the rules.

13.- Participation and acceptance of the rules:

The fact of participating implies full acceptance of the rules.