LVIII Poultry Symposium

Edgar O. Oviedo

Dr. Edgar O. Oviedo Rondón is a Full Professor and Extension Specialist in Nutrition,

Health, Data Analytics and Management of the Broiler Chicken production chain in the “Prestage” Department of Poultry Sciences at North Carolina State University. Dr. Oviedo is Colombian and received his degree as a Veterinary Zootechnician (MVZ) at the University of Tolima in Colombia. Edgar worked in veterinary medical services for three years, before beginning post-graduate studies. Edgar Orlando obtained his Master's Degree in Nutrition and Animal Production from the State University of Maringá in Brazil, and PhD. in Poultry Science from the University of Arkansas. In 2018 he obtained a Master in Business Administration at North Carolina State University specializing in Supply Chain Management and Decision Making. Edgar has experience in the poultry industry as a veterinarian, nutritionist, extension agent, and international consultant. Dr. Oviedo has worked at NC State University for 19 years, after working for 3 years also as a University Professor in Texas. Dr. Oviedo has been invited to 36 countries as a speaker. Edgar is the author or co-author of 110 articles published in indexed scientific journals, 10 book chapters, four books, 317 abstracts, 342 conference proceedings, and 130 articles in technical, extension, and professional journals. Dr. Oviedo coordinates extension programs in broiler, breeder and hatchery and various international courses on poultry production and data analytics.