LVIII Poultry Symposium

Pedro Baños

Pedro Baños Bajo is a Colonel of the Land Army, of the Infantry Weapons, and a General Staff Graduate. It is currently on reserve.

Among his military destinations, it is worth noting that he was Head of Counterintelligence and Security of the European Army Corps, in Strasbourg; and for seven years a professor of Strategy and International Relations at the Higher School of the Armed Forces, belonging to the Higher Center for National Defense Studies.

In his last assignment he was Head of the Geopolitical Analysis Area, in the General Secretariat for Defense Policy, of the Ministry of Defense.

He has received training in a dozen countries, including Turkey, Israel and China.

He is a regular writer and speaker on Geopolitics, Strategy, Intelligence, Terrorism, International Relations, Security and Defense.

He has participated in three missions in Bosnia-Herzegovina. He has collaborated at the headquarters of the European Parliament in Brussels as a military adviser. And he has a master's degree in Defense and Security from the Complutense University of Madrid.

He has written the books “This is how the world is dominated. Unveiling the keys to world power”, “World domination. Elements of power and geopolitical keys”, “The mental domain. The geopolitics of the mind” and “The world crossroads. A manual of tomorrow”, published by the editorial Ariel. And power. A strategist reads Machiavelli”, from Rosamerón publishing house