LVIII Poultry Symposium


LVIII Symposium Científico de Avicultura - Information on the presentation of Abstracts

LVIII Symposium Científico de Avicultura - Abstracts (deadlines and other details)

Ávila, 4 to 6 October 2023

Those who wish to present a paper during the next AECA Symposium.

1. They must send an e-mail to, attaching a file including title, authors and abstract of the paper in Spanish or English language before July 1st, 2023. Within a maximum period of 7 working days, you will receive an e-mail confirmation of receipt and acceptanc1. e.

2. All papers will be presented in poster format and, in addition, three will be selected for oral presentation. The selected authors will be informed directly.

3. Those selected for oral presentation must send the full paper before 3 September 2023, so that it can be published in the Symposium Report.

4. For the acceptance and subsequent publication of the abstracts it is essential that at least one of the signatories of the paper is registered for the Symposium.

5. The three authors who are responsible for the oral presentation of the selected papers will receive the following benefits from AECA:

  a.- Free registration to the Symposium.

  b.- Accommodation for the duration of the Symposium, in the hotel establishment determined by the organisation.

6. After acceptance of the abstract, any author who so wishes may send the complete communication (not only the abstract) for publication on the AECA website. This publication will be provided with digital ISBN and will have the appropriate dissemination by the means available to AECA-WPSA.


- Please do not forget to read carefully the instructions for authors and the call for papers.

- The instructions for authors and call for papers can be found in the Grants and Scholarships section of the AECA-WPSA website (

Presentation and format rules


Poster printing and preparation service

There is the possibility for congressmen who do not want to travel with the printed poster, to contract the printing and poster placement service at the headquarters with the Technical Secretariat.

The service costs €45 VAT included.

It is necessary to contract it with the Technical Secretariat before September 22, sending the pdf file to